From tried and tested Customs Warehouse solutions to the very latest Excise development, we know that we are judged by the quality and usability of our products.

The cornerstone of our customs technology is our Bonded Warehouse. Having polished this particular diamond for many years, delivering it to many clients across many markets, we are justifiably proud of it and believe it stands out as the best on the market.

What should you look for from a Duty Management System (DMS)?

Right from the start you need to know that it’s fully compliant; that’s a given. However, the typical Langdon Systems client demands far more than just compliance from their solution and we offer functionality to satisfy every customs regime from IP to Kitting, to Exports and EMCS.

Our Bonded Warehouse software has grown to be far more than just an interface to HMRC through to their reporting system. As standard, we offer rich functionality, helping you take control of what can be a complex process.

From daily reconciliations to emailed alerts, to detailed liability reports for your stock; we offer a full range of time and labour saving processes. As online trade increases and transaction volumes increase our system gives you the ability to handle massive volumes while remaining in control of your head count.

We understand you need your operations to be automated wherever possible and that this must be underpinned by a detailed integration with your commercial system. Our refined solutions facilitate this easily, with very little impact on your current procedures.

Combine all this with our knowledgeable and talented team and you have the complete package. Or more importantly, a complete solution.