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We’re nothing without our people.

Our team is a close-knit bunch of fine folk who share the idea of being just brilliant.

At the core of everything we do are all the corporate visiony things that of course we would say, but the truth is, it’s a great team of talented individuals working together to look after our customers and do our very best always.

We like to laugh, have fun and to keep things in perspective. We’re well good at honesty, respect, hard work and hard play.

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Technical Support Lead: responsible for the infrastructure, and supporting the Langdon team.

I get paid to do a job I enjoy (Don’t tell the boss).

Sorry, this is classified. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.


The millions of unsung heroes in the emergency services, the NHS, the Care workers, and those that put others first, without focusing on rewards.

A helicopter, full fuel tank, and a pilot.

Outside of work? What is this that you speak of?

I am a qualified ice hockey coach.

Still researching this :)

Driven NASCAR.

I don’t really bother with LinkedIn or social networks.

Next week’s EuroMillions numbers are…

Support Team Leader – Management of support time and resources to ensure the smooth operation of client business needs.

Finally getting to the bottom of a problem.

Useless Trivia.

Death in paradise.

My girlfriend, so I’m told.

Unlimited rum, unlimited pineapple juice, ice. (I assume this is an island with coconuts).

Football, Reading, Computer games.

Previously signed for Blackpool FC Academy.

Bamburgh beach.

Yes – Border Collie named Flash.

Jet Ski safari.

I hide nothing.

Junior Software Developer, creating software. Producing solutions for problems.

The office environment. I really enjoy seeing all the people I work with.

Snacking, too much snacking.

Elon Musk, I think the man is a genius and knows what’s going on a lot more than he lets on.

My phone, My computer for gaming and a wifi router (can’t lose the internet).

Classic dev but gaming. I also enjoy playing snooker with my friends.

Highest break in snooker is 21 and more is coming soon.

Japan, only been once but would love to go again.

Used to have a cat. Really want another one.

Living in Japan for a month. Was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I know a little bit of a few languages.

Lead Solutions Architect. I’m responsible for designing the features within the system.

Solving problems.

Knowledge - I’ve worked at Langdon for 27 years, so I’ve learned a few things.

Watching early sci-fi movies from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Doctor Who – always tries to do the right thing, and uses science and reason to save the day.

Working power station, working ISP with fibre and a working PC.

Walking, Gaming, watching movies.

My interesting fact is I have no interesting fact.

My home

I have a 15-year-old cat called Mable.

A long time ago, my knowledge of Star Wars was challenged by a student house full of Star Wars fans via the medium of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I won!

I’m Batman.

GM, making sure everyone is the best they can be and we have a great time all achieving our goals.

The people by far, work life balance and the desire to be the best, oh and working in the north, for the first time ever!

Coaching and mentoring people and seeing them flourish and surrounding myself with brilliant people to make me look amazing!

Food always. Seafood! I see food and want it, (ask about Langdon Chinese Tuesdays and Butty Wednesdays!)

Marilyn Monroe. It was a man’s world and I’ve always wanted to be like her, bold and confident.

Lifetime of cheese, crisps and my dogs.

Eat, drink, shop and holidays. Its so important to spend quality time with my children before they become adults and don’t want to be seen with me - nearly there on that one.

I’m a qualified economics teacher, I did 8 years at college and university but disliked kids and decided it was not for me.

Dubai always, the sun, service and culture, that country has it all, zero tax, no crimes, 24 hour shopping malls and paradise all year round.

Goldfish - Bubbles
Cavapoo - Teddi Silver
Labrador puppy - Nyla.

Have 2 children. I was never in my plans when I was younger but in my late thirties I came to my senses and stopped being so selfish.

Nick Kershaw for the 80’s due to my maiden name.

I’m very sensitive and not as extrovert as some people think.

I have a fetish for shoes and have collected over 200 pairs.

Senior Customs Consultant, Working with our system and our clients to ensure they remain compliant with customs requirements.

The wide variety of clients and procedures, as well as working with some great people.

Keeping calm, relaxed, and rational in stressful situations. (to the endless annoyance of my wife)

The odd espresso martini.

Generally, people who work in situations that put someone’s life in their hands – doctors, emergency services, paramedics etc. To be able to handle that day in day out must take incredible strength.

Penknife, big old tarpaulin, some form of cooking pot.

The gym, pretty much any sport, gaming.

I once had emergency surgery on a ruptured appendix, at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Liverpool, or Yorkshire.

No pets here :(

As a youth I represented England at badminton. I should probably also mention getting married!

I’ve been called ‘Salmon’ in the past. I tend to get a little pink if left in the sun loo long.

I have a degree in Oceanography, which naturally lead me to the world of customs and software!

Implementation Project Mgr – My role is to ensure customer projects and their requirements are met and implemented successfully and in full.

I love the company culture here at Langdon and the variety my role brings.

The ability to be tolerant, this is put to the test both in and out of work, mainly out!


My Mother

Fishing net, matches and insect repellent.

Cycling & cricket.

I once had to hide a pet ferret from my parents for almost 7 weeks. I almost got away with it.

North East of England – Yorkshire Moors, Dales and the seaside.

Westiepoo called Trixie (My girlfriends dog mind you but guess who walks it).

Last year I cycled the North Coast 500 (unsupported) in 7 days. The most beautiful, yet gruelling 7 days of my life. This year I plan to cycle to the Belgian Grand Prix as there are less hills and more beer.

Sim – I played ‘Sim the Snake’ in the Gruffalo at school, and it stuck ever since.

Train enthusiast – my favourite train is the LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard.

Crystal Palace, Surrey CC & London Wasps fan.

Implementation Analyst and I do a bit of everything from leading meetings to training clients to taking meeting minutes etc.

My co-workers and the lively atmosphere in the office.

Being able to get a gauge of people when I first meet them.

I like a decent romcom to be honest.

Boris Johnson because he makes me look like an angel.

WIFI, iPad and rum.

Go to the gym, go out with my friends, playing football.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it was interesting but I can understand Yoruba (Nigerian language) but I can’t speak it very fluently unfortunately.


No but I did have a cat called Frisby when I was younger, but she ran away after my mum bought the cat food “Go cat”. Very ironic.

I’m planning on going sky-diving in a couple months so I guess that’s exciting....

It was Ben Oggie and that was ever since primary school as my mates could not pronounce my former surname.

That I support Arsenal and I haven’t got high blood pressure.

Software Support Analyst – providing software support and QA testing.

Getting paid to break things.

I am cursed with the ability to unintentionally break everything.

Pizza, I could eat it for every meal.


An axe, some rope, and a dog to keep me company.

Gaming, hiking, or riding my motorbike.

My mother tongue is German, but I can’t speak it fluently anymore.


An indoor parachute drop, I’m afraid of heights!

Veevee, because my little sister couldn’t say Steven when she was very young. It somehow stuck.

I was born deaf and had to have surgery to correct it.

I have size 15 feet so can’t even count the times I’ve heard “big feet, big socks”.

Application Support Analyst.

The people I work with.

Being able to adapt and learn quickly, this is very handy when it comes to my job.

Cheese cake, rum and coke.

Harrison Ford, love his films and he has the same first name as my son.

Wi-Fi, ps4 and my son.

Spend time with my kids, golf, movies, eating and drinking out.

I am half Finnish and speak it fluently.

Tenerife, Spain or the Lake district.

Black Labrador called Lilly and a miniature Jack Russell called Missy.

Scuba diving in Spain and getting married are up there.

Just Dan

I am left handed and left footed.

Liverpool FC fan and go to the occasional matches.

Product Owner. My role involves working closely with all departments and stakeholders to understand customer requirements, changing HMRC guidelines, and ensure the products we offer contain desirable, compliant, and up-to-date functionality.

Having full visibility over the entire product suite, its roadmap, and being able to influence the direction and priorities to best suit customers’ needs.

Eurovision, although I have zero guilt!

My mum, simply because she’s been an inspiration in all aspects of my life.

A tent, a pillow, and a Bear Grylls book.

Game with friends, go for walks, visit the cinema, and binge boxsets.

Not very fun, but I’ve been vegetarian since 2010.

Florida due to the nostalgia of holidays as a kid and the hot climate.

We have a 5-year-old cat called Oscar.

Took a chance on a long-distance relationship with someone who lived 155 miles away. We’ve now been together for 9 years (and thankfully live together!).