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What is CDS?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) began a phased launch of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) in August 2018. CDS will replace the existing Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system, initially dealing with a small number of import declarations. A wider scope of import declarations will be handled by CDS later in 2019. Export declarations are due to follow towards the end of the year.

By definition, CDS is the new reporting system used to process declarations for goods entering and leaving the UK or EU through ports and airports, with complete customs information submitted electronically.


What is Customs Declaration Software?

To complete your customs declarations you are required to collate data from multiple sources, and often the volumes can be large; customs software can manage and automate these processes for you. Taking essential business and import/export data to achieve complete and accurate customs declarations at the click of a button. Langdon Systems are a provider of customs declaration software and can advise you on your requirements.


What is a Customs Declaration?

‘A customs declaration is an official document that lists and gives details of goods that are being imported or exported’ (European Commission). Typically, it is the owner of the goods or a person acting on their behalf, or the person who has control over the goods who will submit the declaration. The declaration should be lodged with the customs office where the goods were or will shortly be presented. In order to comply with the legal obligations and to place goods under a customs procedure, a customs declaration needs to be lodged. This should happen upon importation of goods and goods intended for export.

The Single Administrative Document (SAD) (form C88) details your goods and allows their movement around the world. You are required to detail; what the goods are, movement of them, their commodity code (also called tariff code) and the Customs Procedure Code (CPC). The SAD form breaks down into 54 boxes and the full version has 8 parts. If errors are made on this form you may receive penalties and seizures. Software can simplify submitting electronic declarations.


Do I need Customs Declaration Software?

If you are importing/exporting goods from anywhere in the world then customs software could be the best solution for you. The software will automate your processes, take data from multiple sources, calculate duties and ensure accuracy, efficiency and also save you costs. If you’re unsure or would like to find out more, we can advise you on all the options available.

For submitting your customs declarations, you can engage with a customs broker, freight forwarder or logistics provider, or businesses that want to do this themselves you can acquire the appropriate customs software and secure the necessary authorisations from HMRC. Again, our Consultants can support you through the authorisation process.


Who can help me with a Customs Declaration?

Our Consultants can advise you on the customs declaration process, answer any questions you have, and review your documents or forms for submission. They will provide you with the latest advice to ensure your compliance with HMRC and support your business throughout the process.


  • What is CDS? The new customs declaration system from HMRC.
  • What is Customs Declaration Software? A software solution that will automate your declarations.
  • What is a Customs Declaration? The submission of import/export information of goods.
  • Do I need Customs Declaration Software? It’s likely you do, speak to us and we will advise you.
  • Who can help me with a Customs Declaration? Our expert customs Consultants can help.


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