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Our seminar covered a CDS update and the current status of Brexit.

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, we hosted our second exclusive event for our clients – ‘CDS Latest & Technical Deep-Dive’. The event was structured to focus on the current status of CDS and Brexit, as well as the specific requirements of our technical updates and implementation.

Langdon Systems’ Managing Director, Paul Carroll, and Customs Manager, Gary Hollyoak, were leading the presentations alongside our Technical Team and special guests from the HMRC CDS Migration & Transformation Team.

Throughout the day we engaged with our clients to discuss the current status of CDS and answered their operational and technical questions around the migration from CHIEF to CDS and the anticipated timings and next steps.

As pilot scheme members, we are working very closely with HMRC and can report first-hand on how CDS is progressing. We are being proactive in communicating regular CDS bulletins through our social media channels to keep our readers informed of any updates and changes to CDS.

During the afternoon, we dived into the technical session regarding the data interface element requirements that will be changing between CDS and CHIEF. We engaged in an open Q&A discussion to invite our clients to raise any thoughts or concerns they had with the data interfaces and technical requirements to help further understand the changes we are making to our system.

Paul Carroll, Managing Director, emphasised that ‘the seminar was designed as an insight into our feelings with the direction in which CDS and Brexit are moving in and how our system upgrades will place our clients in a better position for the future’.

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who attended our event and the individuals who provided us with valuable feedback to help us make these events as useful and insightful for their business as possible.

We look ahead to our next event which we hope to announce soon. As CDS & Brexit milestones fast approach we will continue to be at the forefront of our industry in order to share with you our perceptions, expectations and views on the changing landscape around us.

Langdon Systems has over 30 years experience in the creation, development and implementation of Duty Management Systems throughout Europe. If you have any questions about how your company can prepare for Brexit from a customs perspective, or if you want to discuss any other customs related issues, our experts are here to help. Please email us on or call us on 01942 202202.