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Why Langdon Systems

Langdon Systems has many industry 'firsts' to its credit, further justifying its reputation as the UK's Market Leader in the design, development, implementation and support of sophisticated and innovative software solutions for Duty Management.

This achievement reflects LANGDON's approach to Duty Management Systems. As the core of the business, LANGDON are able to concentrate on a very specific and complex area of many international companies that ensures longevity and a commitment to delivering a 'best of breed' solution.

Langdon's proven track record, impressive major client base and approach to new Customs initiatives continue to facilitate client's competitive advantage in international trade.

LANGDON - first to market - with Customs approval - an integrated CFSP Import and Customs Warehouse Management System.
LANGDON - first to develop and gain Customs approval for Bureau operations for Indirect Representatives.
LANGDON - only company to develop CFSP with first hand knowledge and experience by former Customs Computer Audit Unit and Customs CFSP Headquarters personnel.
LANGDON - retained comprehensive Duty Management functionality combined with full CFSP reporting capability.
LANGDON - checks CHIEF calculations and ensures the most duty effective stock is issued to reduce and minimise duty and tax liability.
LANGDON - First to develop and launch web based ASP solution - e-CFSP - that supports generation and submission of both SDI and SDW direct to CHIEF.
LANGDON - First company to support Single European Authorisation through web enabled ASP solution reporting to CHIEF.
LANGDON - First to successfully develop, implement and gain Customs approval for New Export System in the UK.
LANGDON - UK market leader with significant client base in Benelux.
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