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Project Implementation

Langdon adopt a staged project implementation process to ensure that the system is delivered on time, to budget and is fully operational. Langdon have a 100% track record in meeting these essential objectives within our client base.

Ensuring that projects are delivered on time is based on the Senior Project Managers recommendations before a sales process is complete. We will identify any risks associated with the project implementation to the client, based on a detailed understanding of the requirements.

LANGDON Project Managers and Customs Consultants are able to rapidly assess the needs of the business and configure a template that serves as the basis for project implementation.

By adopting a Project Management Methodology that draws upon PRINCE 2 and SSADM, LANGDONís approach to the Project Life Cycle ensures a significant reduction in implementation costs, provides an implementation process with ĎAn end in mindí and enables customisation of the application to the customers needs.

A number of key stages can be identified during project implementation:

Assign Project Manager

LANGDON will designate an experienced Project Manager to oversee the implementation of a project.

The Project Manager will liaise with the client on a regular basis through telephone conferences and attendance at project meetings. Throughout the duration of the project the Project Manager will work closely with the Project Team to ensure that the design and implementation of the system runs as smoothly as possible.

LANGDON Project Managers have extensive experience of successfully managing and implementing complex and sophisticated systems across a broad range of industry types.

Project "Kick-Off" Meeting

The project will start with a project "kick off" meeting attended by the Langdon Project Manager, and any of the clients key personnel. In this "kick off" meeting the Project Manager outlines details regarding the project management. Further, the "kick off" meeting is used to define the study for determining the IT requirements (the systems specification phase).

Customer Requirement Document

The information provided at the "kick-off" meeting will enable a Customer Requirement Document for the final system to be created. This will outline the structure of both the applicable core system and the Duty Management System.

It is our experience that Customs must have the opportunity to comment on/amend the functional design. Amendments by the client or Customs in a later phase of the project can cause a considerable delay and incur additional costs.

Technical Design

Once the functional design is completed, it can be transformed into a technical design identifying the activities necessary for generating the interfaces and setting up the Duty Management System according to the specifications of the client. This will also identify the requirements of Customs.

System Testing

Once the system has been compiled, based on the Customer Requirement Document and any additional client specific programming requirements, a comprehensive system testing program is undertaken.

LANGDON would normally use samples of the clients commercial data to ensure accurate testing. This would incorporate data extracted from the clients legacy system and downloaded data.

Implementation and Post-implementation Support

Assistance with the implementation will consist of support in a number of areas, not just the installation of the software. For example, this includes the setting up and configuration of the Global Crossing X400 Mailbox in the UK. The X400 Mailbox uses the modem on the server to send an EDI transmission to CHIEF. This method is deemed to be more secure than sending the data via e-mail, which can be intercepted across the Internet.

For the first three months after the implementation of the Duty Management System, the LANGDON project team will support the users on a day to day basis. The LANGDON Support Desk will thereafter manage support services.

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