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Langdon Systems have developed the most comprehensive Import system on the market. It is designed to help ensure companies that import goods from outside the EU, to a country within the EU, meet their legal obligations when declaring their imports to Customs. It also forms an integral module within the Duty Management System, seamlessly integrating with other modules for companies taking advantage of Customs procedures such as Customs Warehousing or Inward Processing Relief.

The Langdon Import Module, in essence, captures 3rd country receipts arriving under Customs control, whether manually inputted or downloaded from a commercial system. It then produces, when required, an electronic or paper declaration to Customs based on the products/consignments that have been imported and the resulting Customs duties and VAT liability owing for that period. Further the required statistical declaration can be generated.

The data can be captured from the following types of receipt transactions:
  • Imports cleared at the frontier under Simplified Procedures
  • Imports cleared at the Importerís premises under Local Clearance Procedures
  • Imports to Customs Warehousing
  • Receipts of imported goods from other Customs Warehouses within the EU
Feature Highlight
Designed to assist companies meet their legal obligations when importing
Integrates with all Langdon Duty Management modules
Data can be downloaded from commercial systems
Provides extensive data verification
Generates and sends electronic Import declarations to Customs

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