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Excise Warehouse
Excise Warehouse

Before excise goods can be stored in an Excise Warehouse, with the Export Duty suspended, the warehousekeeper and the premises must be approved by Customs. Financial security is required for the duty suspended goods held in the warehouse, this is called 'premises security'. Financial security is also required when the goods leave the warehouse in duty suspension, this is called 'movement security'.

The warehousekeeper is responsible for controlling the excise warehouse and the goods and activities in it.

Customs state that the warehousekeeper must:
  • Ensure that duty is accounted for when the goods leave the warehouse for home use
  • Take effective measures to safeguard the excise goods held in the warehouse
  • Ensure that a proper account is taken of the goods
  • Maintain all accounts accurately and promptly
  • Control all operations in the warehouse
  • Control the receipts into, and removals from, the warehouse
  • Examine carefully all losses in the warehouse and take full responsibility for them
  • Investigate and report to Customs any indication of irregularity
  • Submit stock returns and schedules to Customs as required
It is also the responsibility of the warehousekeeper to distribute any information supplied by Customs promptly and train any staff who deal with Customs' matters.

The system used must contain management controls and offer clear audit trails.

There may also be specific requirements imposed by Customs.

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