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Why e-CFSP

e-CFSP has been designed to offer a low cost, easy to use Duty Management Solution for complying with CFSP. Accessed through a browser removal details are entered into a single on-line screen. The removal screen is basically an on-line SAD but with functionality impossible on paper, which includes drop-down lists, check boxes, cut, copy and paste etc.

At the touch of a button the removal details are automatically sent to Customs CHIEF as a Simplified Declaration (SDI or SDW) and the response is e-mailed to you. A single removal may be entered or multiple removals in one session. At the end of the month your Final Supplementary Declaration (FSD) is sent and the response e-mailed to you.

But e-CFSP is much more than 'message brokering', it is an interactive application. How many identical SAD's have you completed detailing the same product, from the same origin going to the same destination? With e-CSFP, 'Profiles' can be created. Details relating to an import consignment or warehouse removal are entered once and allocated a unique reference. When an import or warehouse removal matches a Profile the relevant reference is entered and the SDI or SDW fields are automatically completed. All that is then required is the quantity and the value! Using Profiles simplifies and speeds up the process as well as minimising errors.

e-CFSP is a low cost Duty Management Solution offering subscription for as short a period as a month. There is no costly long term commitment required. As the application is accessed through a browser there are no expensive software or hardware costs.

As a solution accessed via the internet there are additional benefits. The system can be accessed 24x7 and used from anywhere in the world.

e-CFSP has been developed and is fully supported by Langdon Systems, the industry leader in Duty Management Solutions and Customs procedures. Langdon Systems have over 16 years experience of developing solutions and are the UK market leader of successful implementations of complex CFSP systems, with full Customs approval, for many of the UK's leading corporates. This knowledge and experience has been fully utilised to develop e-CFSP, a next generation Duty Management Solution incorporating the latest technology with the power of the web.

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