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DMS R3WEB - The Product

In 2000, LANGDON launched a brand new product to support the business needs of SME's involved in importing and Customs Warehousing.

This new product - e-CFSP - addressed the cost of ownership issues associated with reporting to Customs under CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures), by offering a unique web based solution that allowed these companies to complete their CFSP declarations for Imports and Customs Warehouse removals, on-line through a web browser.

In 2003, LANGDON released their latest offering for CFSP Clients with more complex Customs reporting requirements, by launching LANGDON DMS R3Web.

For the first time, full Duty Management functionality is now available to these companies as a fully managed web deployed ASP solution.

The latest version of the Langdon Duty Management System, "Release 3" incorporates a combination of Terminal Services and Web technologies. The result is the development of a web-based version of the application ("DMS R3 Web") that can be accessed over the Internet. This means that users can run the application "anytime , anywhere" on their Web browser without any special configuration on their PC.

In its simplest form, "DMS R3 Web" is a two-server setup. Server 1 hosts the DMS R3 application and database engine. Server 2 is configured as the Web server and hosts the application launch pages. Using Microsoft Terminal Services, users log on to the system via their Web browser and can access the system from a wide range of machines including 'standard' Windows PCs, Workstations, and laptops (or any other thin client device) without any special configuration. Minimal client-side software installation is required for full functionality.

Supporting this new service, DMS R3Web is now offered on a monthly subscription basis and solves many of the practical and logistical problems facing companies when deploying new software systems. It also enables Clients' to more efficiently manage their acquisition of new systems on a more cost effective basis, enabling greater visibility when assessing their return on investment.

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The Product
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The Product
Data Upload, File Retrieval, Printing
Overview of Services
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