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Solutions for Duty Management
Contact us to reduce your import costs and pay the lowest possible duty on your storage and exports. We could help you take advantage of HMRC's duty and VAT relief schemes if your imports are stored for a long time, attract excise tax, get exported to non-EU countries or are part of a UK-manufacturing process.
Our software and expertise saves time and money for importers, exporters and international traders. Multinationals and small to medium-sized businesses rely on Langdon’s seamless software for their Customs compliance, declarations and selecting the best possible duty/VAT rates – all kept up to date by our knowledgeable and approachable team.
Langdon’s flexible modern customs technology works seamlessly with your existing ordering, inventory or warehouse IT system, is user friendly and can be installed locally or accessed online. It covers CFSP, warehousing, excise, IPR, OPR, PCC, multi-country Intrastat, CAP, NCTS, NES and EMCS.
With nearly thirty years of wide-ranging industry experience, Langdon System’s expertise and smart programming optimises margins and frees up time and resources. Call us on 01942 202 202 to discover cash flow benefits through customs planning, with added peace of mind.
Latest from LANGDON
New Langdon’s Website in The Netherlands
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website in the Netherlands. This is an exciting new platform for Langdons and we hope you find our site both engaging and informative.
Click here to visit website. Langdon NL
Langdon’s Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Training Programme
From May 2016, AEO status will become a necessity for any business trading internationally. Langdon Systems is running a series of AEO training programmes designed to take you through the whole AEO application process from beginning to end.
Click here to view our AEO website EMCS
The Modernized Customs Code (MCC) and its Implementing Provisions (MCCIPs)
Langdon Systems sets out the background, purpose and probable effect of the Modernized Customs Code MCC and its IPS Implementing Provisions.
Click here to view the document. Modernised Customs Code
Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (SASP)
Companies that currently make import or export declarations in more than one EU Member State can apply to use SASP in the country of their choice.
Click here for further details. Langdon ECMS
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