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Avaya Communication came into being in the year 2000 when Lucent Technologies spun off their cable division. Erik Veger looks after customs compliance for the new company which continues to use the software installed just two years ago. He says that when they went to the market for a new system it wasn't easy trying to work with a company which did not have established contacts with Dutch Customs. 'That is why we decided to go with Langdon Systems. They already had systems operating in the Netherlands and have very good connections with local Customs. We felt that they were able to provide the support that other companies promised.'

The next step he says is to upgrade their export documentation system so that it interfaces with the Avaya Intranet which allows customers to track orders through the system. 'Langdon are working on our export system now and it is looking very promising.'

He says that Langdons are very responsive to the company's needs. 'If we have a problem, or we need to meet with Customs to discuss an issue, they are always present. This support is very important for us.'

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Elliott Turbomachinery are manufacturers of turbines and compressors for the petro-chemical industries. Owned by the Japanese company Ebara Corporation, manufacturing takes place in the US and the UK office handles the after market and spares for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Pam Smith is Indirect Taxation specialist with responsibility for Customs and VAT for the UK and offices in Switzerland and Italy. This involves IPR, Customs Warehousing, Intrastat, CFSP which was installed in July 1999 and Period Entry Exports which means another big upheaval on the horizon as the July deadline for the move to the New Export System gets closer.

Pam Smith says she's absolutely confident that they will meet the deadline. 'We put in our first Langdon system in 1993 and when the move to CFSP came up we didn't look anywhere else. I have found the support they give has been excellent. Their staff are steeped in Customs knowledge, even the system designers seem to know their way around the intricacies of Customs and Excise. They offer a great deal more than simply software.'

Implementing New Exports System - International Trade Today

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Systems integration is always challenging, and particularly so when the parties involved have, historically, approached duty management from very different directions. That was the problem facing Roz Walmsley, Senior Manager, Supply Chain, Imports & Customs (Otto UK Homeshopping) with Grattan Plc, when parent company Otto Versand, the world's largest mail order company, acquired Freemans last year and decided to merge all its import functions with its sister company. Roz says that integrating their commercial and logistics systems has been technically very difficult and that she's glad that Langdon Systems have been on hand to assist. 'This has come at a prime time for them working on the change over to CFSP so I am particularly grateful that they have responded so well to our needs. They have a very good team and they are willing to put in the effort. And it is good that we are able to call on the customs experience of Dave Bradbury who has done a lot of the ground work and investigations into internal practices at Freemans prior to our formal approach to Customs for authorisation. Dave is also readily available on those many times you need to bounce ideas off someone at short notice before considering approaching Customs.

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Peter Ashton has been working with Langdon Systems since 1990. Peter is Customs Administrator with Tibbett and Britten, the world's seventh largest supply chain logistics company with a presence in over 30 countries. Many customers are blue chip companies who need support and advice about managing their customs compliance. Peter is on hand to help them select a system that suits their needs and then to ensure that it interfaces correctly with their accounting and warehouse systems. Often, once the system is installed, Tibbett and Britten will manage the system for them. As someone responsible for giving advice himself, he says he appreciates the quality of support that he receives from Langdons. 'We initially selected Langdons because of the quality and expertise of their people and they have managed to maintain that edge. Their systems are not necessarily the cheapest, but their implementations go exceptionally well and they are able to handle the negotiations with Customs on behalf of the customer. The quality of the people - that's the main reason that Tibbett and Britten deals with them for installations in the UK and in continental Europe.'

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